Welcome to The Recess Effect

Brain & Body Recess Breaks to De-Stress On Demand

Why Recess...

Overworking, Overthinking, Overwhelmed AND Over It?!

Need a break from "how much did you accomplish today?"

Struggle to unplug from work?

Whether you're challenged with the blurred lines between work and life inside the hybrid work model, working from home in general, and being remote full time...  

Recess In The Club will teach you how to build breaks into your day, and be a better and gentler boss for your body.

This way you can break toxic work habits, and transition through your work day without carrying loads of stress.

Loads of stress that shows up as tension, soreness, tightness, pain and dis-ease within the body.

Break free from the burnout cycle, and get on the road to living hustle-free for good!

Inside the club, I'm bringing you live and on-demand mini-recess breaks with me.

Recess breaks are meant to change your state of attention so you can stay sane, creative, and healthy over the long term.

You'll experience recess breaks to...


Brain and Body Recess Breaks will Move you into Embodied Success!

You can join me live, and support the growth of Recess In The Club by sharing it with your friends, co-workers and team members.

Let's Play Together!


About Ashley

Ashley's unique brilliance is in understanding the mind-body-spirit relationship and bringing that into the workplace for the improvement of the business. She helps large organizations care better for their people to avoid burnout, turnover, and health crises. And she zeros in on what individual leaders need. Ashley is navigating the new frontier that needs to be addressed - caring for people first - so they and their employers thrive.